This screen lets you specify options regarding Overseer's internal database
  • Database Type: This lets you specify the database type used by Overseer. This is normally SQLite, but if you purchase the MSSQL add-on, you can use MSSQL as the Overseer database. This may be beneficial for large databases.
  • Database Path: This is the path to the SQLite database. This database path must be accessible to the NETWORK SERVICE built-in user. The default path created by the Overseer installer has this permission granted by the installer.
  • Move: This button lets you move the location of the current Overseer database. It actually moves the current database from its present location to the new one. Note that the destination directory MUST have the permissions set manually to allow the 'NETWORK SERVICE' built-in user full control. Otherwise, the Overseer service will fail.
  • Change: This button lets you change the location of the current Overseer database. This does not move the database. This is used if you're trying to point to an existing database in a specific location, such as on a network share.
  • Open Folder: This button opens the current database path in Windows Explorer. This can be useful if you're sending the database to customer support.
  • Default Backup Path: This is the default backup path for Overseer backups done with the Backup and Restore Wizard. The wizard lets you over-ride this path, but this default is useful to set if you have a specific location you'd always like your backups to go without having to change it each time.

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