This screen lets you specify options regarding Overseer's internal database. This page includes the fields specific to the MSSQL database type.
  • Database Type: This lets you specify the database type used by Overseer. This is normally SQLite, but if you purchase the MSSQL add-on, you can use MSSQL as the Overseer database. This may be beneficial for large databases.
  • Server Name: This is the name/IP of the MSSQL server hosting the Overseer database. Note that you must manually create a database for Overseer using MSSQL's Management Studio or another method. The user specified needs full database owner privileges to the Overseer database you create.
  • Database Name: This is the name of the database in MSSQL. This is the database you created using MSSQL's Management Studio or other method.
  • Authentication Type: This lets you pick between SQL Authentication or Windows integrated. If using Windows Integrated, the run-as user for the Overseer service must have full dbo privileges to the Overseer database. By default, this is the built-in NETWORK SERVICE account.
  • Username: When using SQL Authentication, this is the username to login as.
  • Password: When using SQL Authentication, this is the password to login as.
  • Test Connection: This button lets you test the connection once you enter the configuration information, so that you can confirm everything is setup correctly.

Note: Overseer requires the MSSQL Overseer database to be created externally using MSSQL's management tools. The user specified requires full database owner privileges. When Overseer first connects to the database, it will automatically create the table structures needed, and keep them updated with future Overseer upgrades.
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