Overseer displays the resources on the primary screen. This is the core view in Overseer. This serves as both a display to show you the status of your resources, as well as the ability to edit or delete a resource. To edit a resource, simply double click it. To delete, right click a resource and choose 'Delete Resource'.
  • Resource Name: This is the name of the resource.
  • Resource Type: This is the type of the resource.
  • Last Check: This is the last time Overseer checked this resource
  • Last State: This is the state of the resource, the last time Overseer checked it.
  • Group By: This value lets you group your resources for better display:
    • No Grouping - This removes any grouping, and simply displays your resources in a simple list
    • Resource Type - This groups your resources by resource type(i.e. ping, http, etc.)
    • Host/Machine - This groups your resources by host/machine name. This is useful when monitoring many Windows-based resources
    • Resource Status - This groups your resources based on their last status(success or fail).
  • Show: This lets you control which resources are shown:
    • All Resources - Resources that are both enabled and disabled are shown
    • Active Resources - Only resources that are active(not disabled) are shown
    • Disabled Resources - Only resources that are disabled are shown

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