This screen lets you specify when admins will be notified that a resource is down/unavailable.
  • Notify When: This value lets you control when Overseer will notify you of a failure. The default value of 'Immediately', indicates that Overseer will send a notification right away. The second value, "After resource has been down:", lets you instruct Overseer to wait until that amount of time has passed with the resource being down before sending notifications. This can be useful for preventing false-negatives due to network issues, or just general flukes.
  • Continue Notifying: This tells Overseer how long to wait between notifications. Overseer will wait this amount of time before sending a subsequent reminder that the resource is unavailable.
  • Stop Notifying: This lets you control when/if Overseer will stop notifying about a resource failure. The first/default option, is "Continue sending until resource recovers". This means that Overseer will never stop sending notifications until the resource is available again, or it is disabled interactively in Overseer. The second value, "Stop sending notifications after:", lets you determine when it should stop sending notifications-- either by how long it's been, or how many notifications have been sent regarding the specific incident in question.
  • Send notification when resource recovers: This feature instructs Overseer to send a 'recovery' notification when a resource that was on failure recovers, and is now available again. This can be very useful to know that a resource is no longer on failure.

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