The execute program action is used to run a program when a specific trigger occurs, such as a resource going down, recovering, or simply being checked. Programs run using an execute program action must run and exit upon completion-- typically a console-based program, often-times a script of some sorts.
  • Executable: This is the executable to run. You can select the exe by clicking the ... button to the right of the field. Note that if you want to run a script, you'll have to select the script processor(such as cmd.exe, bash.exe, or powershell.exe), and specify the script itself in the parameters field.
  • Parameters: These are the parameters that get sent to the executable. These parameters can be explicit parameters, or parameters that come from the resource itself from the 'Available Fields' section below. Note that any parameter type that might have a space should be wrapped in quotes for the executable to parse it properly.
  • Available Fields: These are the fields that are available for substitution in the parameters string. Note that it is usually best to wrap these fields in quotes, ensuring if they have spaces, they will properly be parsed as a single argument to your executable.

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