You can backup the Overseer database by using the Backup and Restore Wizard. This is useful for sending copies of your database to support for troubleshooting purposes, and is also a good idea for regular backup purposes. It's also useful when moving Overseer to another computer. You can access the Backup and Restore Wizard by going to Tools->Backup and Restore Wizard
  1. Once you start the wizard, click Next to get started
  2. To backup your data, choose 'Backup Database To:' and then select a directory by clicking the '...' button and browsing to the directory the file should be created. Click Next when ready.
  3. Wait while the backup completes. Based on the size of your database, this can take up to a few minutes.
  4. Overseer will backup it's database to the directory you picked up, naming the file Overseer_, followed by the date and time. The date is in an international year_month_day__time format for easy sortability. You can copy this file to any medium for safe keeping. You can restore at any point, using the same wizard.

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