You can restore the Overseer database from a backup file made with the Backup and Restore Wizard by using the Backup and Restore Wizard. This is useful for moving Overseer to a new computer or if you have to re-install due to a computer crash or some othe reason. You can access the Backup and Restore Wizard by going to Tools->Backup and Restore Wizard.
  1. Once you start the wizard, click Next to get started
  2. To store your data, choose 'Restore Database:' and then select a database backup file by clicking the '...' button and browsing to the backup file you previously created. Click Next when ready.
  3. Wait while the restore completes. Based on the size of your database, this can take up to a few minutes.
  4. Overseer will restore the database to the version in the file you chose. Note that this will replace any other database you're currently working with, so be sure you really want to restore the database you've chosen.

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