Licensing information can be displayed by going to Help->License... This can be useful if you need to move your license information to another computer, if you need the key to upgrade our license, or if support requests your license key for validation when requesting support. This is also how you enter a license when purchasing.
  • Registered Name: This is who the software is registered to. This is entered when purchasing your key.
  • License Key: This is the license key for the software. This is provided via Email once you purchase the software.
  • License Type: This is a simple string that displays details on your license, such as how many resources you are licensed for.
  • License Expiration: This is the expiration date of your license. This generally doesn't apply, unless you're using a temporary license key, such as during an extended trial or during a purchase order process.
  • Resources Configured: This is the number of resources you currently have configured in the system. This must be less than or equal to the number of resources your license is purchased for. If this is greater than the resources you have purchased a license for, you need to upgrade your license by purchasing additional an resources license.
  • MSSQL Support: This value indicates if the current license is licensed for using MSSQL as the Overseer database. Note that MSSQL support can be added to any license with a simple upgrade.
  • Enter Key: Click the 'Enter Key' button to enter your license information once you've purchased a license.

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Note: New and upgrade licenses can be purchased at
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