Network Monitoring Software

Overseer Network Monitor - a monitoring solution that won't break the bank

Overseer Network Monitoring Software

Network monitoring software that:

  • Runs as a Windows service
  • Monitors remotely without agents
  • Monitors multiple resource types
  • Allows customizable monitoring frequency
  • Notifies via Email or text message
  • Uses a simple licensing mechanism
  • Is inexpensive, yet powerful
  • Is free for 2 or fewer resources
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Do you administer IT infrastructure? Servers? Networks? Do you have comprehensive network monitoring software? Are you monitoring your routers, managed switches, servers, workstations? Are you monitoring them via ping, disk space on each, critical Windows services on each? How about the Windows Event logs? Your databases? Are your websites running? If you're not monitoring your infrastructure, you should. If any of those go down, your company is likely to lose valuable time, money, customers, and more. Simple-to-use network monitoring software is essential to administering any infrastructure..

Overseer Network Monitor is simple-to-use network monitoring software that can help you:

  • Monitor all your critical resources 24/7/365
  • Be notified of any issues that might affect the availability of your network and other IT resources
  • Potentially save you thousands of dollars in downtime and lost customers
  • Setup your resources quickly via import or auto-discovery
  • Save face with customers, managers, and employees by knowing about issues before they do
  • Save time by not installing agents on every computer to be monitored
  • Save time and avoid frustration by not dealing with complex licensing issues
  • Enjoy your day off, knowing that if anything goes wrong, you'll be notified immediately, directly on your cell phone

If you have 2 or fewer resources, we'll even give you free network monitoring software! We just ask that you tell your business associates and friends about the software(even better, link to us on your website!). And when your monitoring needs grow beyond 2 resources, that you upgrade to the full version.

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