Frequently Asked Questions


What qualifies as a resource?
A resource in Overseer is a specific thing you check to see if it's online/offline. This can be a Windows Service, a website URL, a disk drive on a server, etc. Each line-item in the main Overseer display, is a resource.
How is Overseer licensed?
Overseer is licensed on a per-resource basis. Each licensed install of Overseer will monitor up to the specific number of resources purchased.
Can I install Overseer on multiple computers?
Yes. Overseer can be installed on multiple computers, but a separate license is required per computer. Note that Overseer monitors resources on other computers, so the typical install will only require one install per physical site.


Can Overseer send notifications to my cell phone?
Yes. Overseer can send notifications to any cell phone that supports text messaging, hosted on a carrier that runs an SMTP->SMS gateway. Many carriers are natively supported by Overseer, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and more. If yours does not appear in the list, please send an Email to us using the support form above with your carrier name, so we can add it. If you know the Email address to Email your cell phone(i.e., this would be very helpful.
Can I customize the text that gets sent?
Yes. Overseer allows the text that is sent to be customized, using the Custom Texts feature.


Does Overseer support maintenance periods?
Yes. Overseer support maintenance periods, both recurring and one-time, using the Monitoring Exceptions feature.