Overseer provides reporting capabilities, so you can easily provide your managers, customers, or yourself with reports showing the availability and incident history of your resources. Reports can easily be run for individual resources, or entire groups of resources.
Reports in Overseer can easily be exported to multiple formats, including PDF, HTML, Excel, RTF, TXT, CSV, image file, and more. Export can be directly to Email, for ease of use. Printing is also possible, along with support for adding a watermark, if desired.

Availability Report

Overseer provides a full resource availability report. This can be useful to determine the uptime numbers for service-level-agreement reporting. The availability report lists each resource, grouped by interval(hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly), the total downtime experienced in hours/minutes/seconds, the downtime %, and the uptime %.
View Sample Availability Report PDF

Incidents Report

Overseer provides a full incidents report. This can be useful to determine what incidents occurred in a specific date/time frame. Each incident in the timeframe is listed, with the initial failure time, recovery time, and the amount of downtime. Incidents are grouped based on resource, if you have multiple resources in your report.
View Sample Incidents Report PDF