System Requirements

Operating System:
Overseer Network Monitor 5.x is a system and network monitoring software tool for Windows. Any modern version of Windows will work, including server and workstation editions.
Minimum System Hardware Requests
  • 512MB RAM
  • 1Ghz or better CPU
  • 100MB-1GB+ disk space, depending on # of resources and data retention
Your operating system should, ideally, be up to date on service packs and Windows updates before installing Overseer. The Overseer installer will attempt to install any missing software pre-requisites, primarily the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.
Administrator Credentials:
To monitor remote machines, Overseer will require you to enter the administrative credentials for those machines. This can be a single domain administrator username/password if all your machines are on a Windows domain, or they may be individually entered if you are using multiple different passwords.
Database Requirements:
Overseer normally uses a SQLite database for internal storage. If you've purchased the MSSQL add-in and plan to use MSSQL for your database, you will require Microsoft SQL Server installed, licensed, and functional. You can use SQL Server Express(free) from Microsoft as an alternative to a fully licensed install. MSSQL can be installed locally or on a separate server.