Feature Summary

General Features:

Runs as Windows service
This means your monitoring doesn't go down if your computer resets, such as it does for Windows Updates.
Send notifications to administrators via Email or text message(SMS).
Desktop management application
A desktop application for management means a feature-rich, fast, GUI for editing your resources, seeing their current status, and their history.
Agentless Monitoring
Monitors all your resources without installing agents on every computer to be monitored. This saves you significant hours deploying agents to all your computers and upgrading them with new versions.
Skinned Interface
While just a nicety, Overseer fully supports multiple skins. Simply select the skin you like under Tools->General Settings->Display!
Simple Licensing
Overseer uses a simple key for licensing-- no license servers, etc. We feel that honest people will pay an honest price for a product that provides them value. Those that wish to steal Overseer by using crackz, serialz, or another form of warez, are likely not going to legitimately purchase our software anyways-- and we choose not to inconvenience the honest customers who do.

Resource Management:

Centralized Passwords
Overseer stores each credential/password only once, with each resource linking to whatever password is used. This is incredibly useful when passwords change-- instead of changing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of resources, you just change the one password entry.
Resource Groups
Keep your resources organized neatly in groups that make sense to you-- such as physical locations, departments, etc.
Multi-select editing
Overseer, as of 5.0, now supports multi-select editing. This lets you easily change values on multiple resources at once. Simply select the resources you'd like to edit using shift+click or ctrl+click, and then right click->edit resources!
Resource Discovery
Overseer includes a Resource Discovery Wizard, which enables you to scan your network(via Active Directory) for hosts, and then scan those hosts for resources to monitor. The wizard lets you easily pick which computers on your network to probe and which services, disks, event logs, etc. to create resources for.
View resources by group, resource type, and then further grouped by host/machine, resourcetype, status, or no grouping at all.


Incident Reasons
Track the reasons for your downtime. With this management/reporting feature, you can easily tag a reason to each of your incidents.
SQLite database
Overseer, by default, uses a high performance local database, using the industry standard 'SQLite' database engine.
MSSQL database support
Overseer, as of 5.0, now supports using Microsoft SQL for its database. This can be useful for those with very large data needs, or simply those who want easier access to the database for their own reporting purposes.
Easy Backup and Restore
Using the new Backup and Restore Wizard, backing up your entire configuration and history data is very easy. Restoring is just as easy. Backup files are single file backups that can easily be moved around, sent via Email, etc.
External Logging
Overseer supports logging resource success/failure/error information to a text file or an ODBC data source.
Text File Import
Overseer supports importing your resources from text files, making it very easy to import your data and get started right away.
Resource History
View the history of any resource, very easily-- filtering by date/time. You can see incidents, each individual check, and each individual notification sent.
Overseer provides a few reports to show you the number of incidents you have, the availability of your resources, etc. Reports can easily be run for groups or individual resources, and filtered by date/time.