Windows Disk Space Monitoring Software

Overseer Network Monitor uses standard Windows file commands to monitor the free disk space available on any Windows computer on your network. Disk space monitoring is critical to a comprehensive system monitoring strategy, as most server software requires disk space to operate-- Microsoft Exchange, MSSQL, Microsoft IIS, MySQL-- all will cease working properly if disk space in your server is too low.
Overseer's disk space monitoring allows you to monitor either for a specific percentage(%) of the disk available, or a specific number of bytes, in megabytes. If the free space drops too low, Overseer will notify you via Email or text message.

Free Disk Space Monitoring Features:

Monitor any windows drive(and more)
Overseer can monitor any Windows drive, using the built-in administrative shares(i.e. \\server\c$). Overseer can also monitor disk space on Linux servers that share a drive via SAMBA.
Test by Percentage Free
As hard drives grow in size, the percentage is often the best way to evaluate free disk space. Most Windows computers will slow down as the hard drive gets beyond 50% full, and start dragging at 90-95% full. Monitoring your free disk space by percent free is best in most situations.
Test by Megabytes Free
Sometimes, you may want to simply specify a specific amount of free space. This can be useful if servers or workstations are fairly maxed out, but still functioning fine-- or just have very large drives, where a percent isn't necessarily the best way.
Overseer can do far more than just ping network devices. See the full Overseer monitoring capabilities page for more.