Ping Monitoring Software

Overseer Network Monitor uses an ICMP ping command to test for availability of a network device. This can be used to monitor routers, switches, Windows servers, Linux Servers, IP Cameras, IP Printers, WAN links, and more to ensure they are available on the network.
Overseer ping monitoring can be configured to send notifications when the host is unreachable, latency falls below a specified limit, or packet loss exceeds acceptable tolerance levels.

Ping Monitoring Features:

Ping by host/DNS name or IP
Overseer can ping resources based on DNS name or IP. This provides flexibility and simplicity.
Uses ICMP Standard
Overseer pings using the standard ICMP protocol, using the same packet size as the default 'ping' command line tool, for the best compatibility.
Ping Multiple Times
Overseer can ping 1 or more times each time it checks. This is useful if you want to check for loss tolerance.
Evaluate Loss Tolerance/packet loss
Overseer can be configured to tolerate a specified amount of packet loss. This is useful if you have a relatively high packet loss connection, and only want to be notified of more significant issues.
Evaluate Ping Latency/Response Time
Overseer can check the latency/response time for devices when it pings, and if exceeding a defined threshold, Overseer will send a notification via Email or text message.
Overseer can do far more than just ping network devices. See the full Overseer monitoring capabilities page for more.