Overseer 5.x Upgrade Pricing

Overseer Network Monitoring Software is licensed on a per-resource basis. A resource is each configured service, network device, website, etc. that you monitor. When running Overseer, you can see your current resource usage by going to Help->License and checking the 'Resources Configured' value. Note that each license of Overseer can only be run on one monitoring computer, but can be used to monitor many computers in your organization.

Overseer 5.x Upgrade LicensesPricePurchase
Add MSSQL database support$49.00Purchase
Additional 50 Overseer 5.x Resources$59.00Purchase
Additional 100 Overseer 5.x Resources$99.00Purchase
Additional 200 Overseer 5.x Resources$189.00Purchase
Additional 500 Overseer 5.x Resources$379.00Purchase
Additional 1000 Overseer 5.x Resources$529.00Purchase
Additional 2000 Overseer 5.x Resources$739.00Purchase
Note: Additional Overseer 5.x resources require a 5.x license.
Overseer SupportPricePurchase
Overseer SupportVariesPurchase
Note: Support prices vary based on item features. Please click 'Purchase' to determine your support price.

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