Pricing Information

Overseer Network Monitoring Software is licensed on a per-resource basis. A resource is each configured service, network device, website, etc. that you monitor When running Overseer 5.x, you can see your current resource usage by going to Help->License and checking the 'Resources Configured' value. Note that each license of Overseer can only be run on one monitoring computer, but can be used to monitor many computers in your organization.

Note, that Overseer comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. We encourage all users to try our software(for free) first, but if you're unsatisfied within 30 days of purchase, simply let us know and we'll refund your money-- no questions asked.

Overseer 5.x Product LicensesPricePurchase
Overseer 5.x w/50 Resources$59.00Purchase
Overseer 5.x w/100 Resources$99.00Purchase
Overseer 5.x w/200 Resources$189.00Purchase
Overseer 5.x w/300 Resources$279.00Purchase
Overseer 5.x w/500 Resources$379.00Purchase
Overseer 5.x w/1000 Resources$529.00Purchase
Overseer 5.x w/2000 Resources$739.00Purchase
Overseer 5.x Enterprise(Unlimited and MSSQL support)$999.00Purchase
What qualifies as a resource?

Overseer 5.x upgrade pricing
Refund Policy

Note: If you are interested in purchasing a quantity of licenses at a discount or require a different form of payment(i.e. Purchase Order), please contact us for a quote using the 'Support' link above. Please see our Purchase Order Policy. Thank you.